Who We Serve


People who are saving for retirement need the shortest and most efficient path to reach their goals as quickly as possible.  It would be especially great to reach those goals early.  We can help with this.


If you are currently retired or nearing retirement, we are here to position you to enjoy your retirement years and not worry about losing a lifetime of savings.  The most common retirement worries are outliving your money or having to greatly reduce cash withdrawals that you cannot enjoy the retirement life you have worked so hard to create.  We help alleviate these worries.  Whether it is creating tax efficiency or dealing with bad years in the markets (Sequence of Returns Risk) there are specific strategies for dealing with these and more.

Business Owners

When we ask some business owners where their retirement funding is, many say “you're looking at it”.  The business they built and manage is their retirement. If you are fortunate enough to remain owning the business and it can generate enough cash flow for you and trustworthy help to run it in your absence as you enjoy retirement, that's great.  Although, as business owners we know that combination is tough to find.  Often, at the end of the day, it is the owner who must put the time in to make sure everything is as it should be. Is that retirement?  Let us help you plan your exit strategy. 

People in Transition

Perhaps you have gone through a divorce and need guidance on a QUADRO.  Maybe you lost your partner and are not sure if you can stay in the residence anymore.  Have you retired young, under 60, and need direction on how to navigate until you receive Social Security, Medicare, or health insurance?  Maybe your company shut down or left the area and you are near retirement age.  We have dealt with all these situations and more and can assist in managing these events to your highest benefit.


As parents and grandparents, we always want our children to have the best opportunities.  Education is one tool that can increase those opportunities.  Let us help create a 529 plan to support their dreams and help you provide a college education to make those dreams come true.

Whichever one of these situations you are in, we will learn what is important to you and create a tailored solution using proven processes to pursue your goals.